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Seller’s FAQs

What are the products that I can sell?

You can sell all the electronics and related products i.e laptops, smart phones, tablets, Games, LCDs , cameras  etc

How I can sell my products ?

You need to fill a simple form, send it to us by email and we will contact you.

Do I need to bring my products to Blink?

It’s your choice, after receiving your request form , we will contact you to fix an appointment at our office or our team will visit you at your place and collect your items.

Will I get my money at the same time?

If you accept the price that we will quote you for your product you will receive your money at the same time.

Can I sell my product at a price higher than that quoted by Blink ?

Yes you can, in that case you will leave your product with us and we will sell it for you on our site. Once its sold you will receive a confirmation email and you should receive your money within 48 hours.

Can I Change the price of my product after its displayed on your website?

Yes you can change price at any point of time by simply sending us an email.

Can I take my items back?

Yes you can take your items back, ifnot sold on your desired price.

How do I know that my item has been sold?

You will be emailed once your item is sold.

When I will get my Money?

Once your item(s) will be sold we will pay you within 48 hours.

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