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How Loyalty Works


Blink Loyalty Programs

blink.com.kw is proud to announce the launch of our customer loyalty program. this program is based on earning points once you purchase online from blink.com.kw. This program is multi-tier. On each different level customers are eligible for certain benefits.

  • Eligibility for Different Categories
  • Loyalty Point Redemption
  • Benefits
  • Terms and conditions

Eligibility for Different Categories

  1. There are 6 levels of the membership
    • Blue
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Diamond
    • Diamond +

    Points allow you to move up through the different levels, enjoying the additional benefits that each level brings.

  2. Following table shows the eligibility criteria for each level.
    Level Eligibility Points
    Blue 1
    Silver 2500
    Gold 3500
    Platinum 5000
    Diamond 10000
    Diamond+ 50000
  3. Each one KD purchase will be equal to one point. (1KD = 1Point)
  4. Points will be in round figures that is if you purchase an item which is for 20.5 you will get 20 points
  5. The following table shows the minimum points to be earned during one membership year to retain your current level.
  6. If the above minimum points are not earned during one membership year you will be moved one level down and your points will be reset to the minimum eligibility points of that level.

Loyalty Point Redemption

Following are the number of points against the value of voucher that can be obtained

Points Voucher (KD)
1000 5
2500 18.75
3500 35
5000 62.5
10000 175
  1. Once you redeem the points and obtain a voucher, your remaining points will be shown in your account. For example if you have 1200 points and you get a voucher of 5 KD your balance points will be 200
  2. Each voucher can be used once only. Therefore you cannot use part of the voucher amount for one order and the remaining for another order.
  3. Redemption can be done while placing your online order, your payment can be done partially by Knet, Visa, Master cards along with voucher amount.
  4. History of used vouchers will be available in your account.


Following are different benefits for different category.

Benefits Blue Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Diamond+
Discounts Y Y Y Y Y Y
Priority in Pre-Booking Y Y Y Y Y
Freenextdaydelivery Y Y Y Y
PersonalAccountManager Y Y Y Y
Warranty Items pick and drop Y Y Y
Free Express delivery Y Y Y
Demonstration/Selectionathome Y Y Y
Temporary Replacement for Faulty Devices Y Y
Diamond Member Offers Y Y
No Service Charges on Repair Y

Benefits in Details

  1. Discounts:-On most categories there will be discounts for some or all products, the amount of discount may vary for each product. Each customer can see his discounted price and next level price once he/she logs in.
  2. Priority in Pre-Booking:-On new arrivals and the items that are short in supply, we will give a priority to our customers who are eligible for this.
  3. Warranty Items pick and drop :-In case you purchased an item and it is not working properly and you want to claim warranty during its warranty period, you do not need to send it to our service center , we will pick it up and after fixing the problem it will be delivered back to your place.
  4. :-Members who will qualify for this benefit will get next delivery free for any value of order as for other customers next day delivery charges are 2KD if the value of order is less than 50 KD.
  5. PersonalAccountManager:-A dedicated personal account manager will be provided for ease of your purchase. We will be more than happy to answer all your purchase queries.
  6. Free Express deliveryis our special delivery service by which we deliver orders within 4hours from time of placing orders For the eligible member even this service will be free of charge.
  7. Demonstration/Selectionathome:-If you are confused between colors, specification or size while selecting certain items, we will send you different options to your home and you will get to choose the one that you like best.
  8. Temporary Replacement for Faulty Devices:-If any of your devices stopped working and you cannot live without it, we will provide you with a replacement during the time your device is being fixed or until you receive a newer model.
  9. Diamond Member Offers:-Diamond and Diamond+ Members will be offered special deals and promotions time by time.
  10. No Service Charges on Repair:-This VIP Service will be available to Diamond+ Members where they don't have to pay any service charge on their repair to our state of art workshop.

Terms and conditions

  1. Once you place the order your points are added to your total points immediately.
  2. Each membership is for one year starting from the date of achieving required point.
  3. Each membership year you must earn the minimum number of Points and purchase minimum amount to retain Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond status.
  4. If the order is cancelled, points for that order will be deducted from your total points.
  5. If you submit a return request as per our return policy, points will be reduced depending on the value of returned order.
  6. Vouchers cannot be converted into cash.
  7. Customer loyalty program is for online purchases only.
  8. If you redeem the points before you want to return the item(s), equivalent amount will be deducted from your refund.
  9. We will keep you up to date on how many points you need to maintain your level, or progress to the next level.
  10. Membership Points Valid for 12 months
  11. Blink has the rights to add/remove Terms & Conditions / Loyalty Points