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Welcome to Blink Tournament !

Blink is the most popular Gaming & Tech platform in Kuwait that works by engaging its customers through regular tournaments full of excitement, action and prizes ;)

We cordially invite you for Fortnite (PlayStation) Tournament organized by Blink, which will be held from Feb 6 – Feb 8, 2020 between 10:00 AM Till 10:00 PM in Kuwait Tech Expo 2020.

  1. Registration will begin on Monday (03/02/2020).
  2. Registration is only for Kuwait.
  3. The minimum age is 12 years old.
  4. Priority is for early registration & attendance.

Tournament Mechanism

  1. Play individually (Solo)
  2. Winning the highest points by the end of 06/02/2020.
  3. Each kill = 1 points.
  4. Game win = double points.
  1. Tekken will be played as best of three games until grand finals.
  1. FIFA 20 will be 1 game of 6 minute half time, Club teams only, clear weather night time, single elimination.
  2. FIFA handball penalty will be on except penalties. Injuries off. Game speed normal.
  3. You can only pause for substitution maximum 3 times only when the ball is in your possession.
  4. In the event of a tie in FIFA 20, we will go directly into penalty shots.
There will be other side tournaments at the venue, including :
  1. Forza Tournament Xbox One X (time trial)
  2. Playstation with VR

Terms and Conditions

Blink strives to be fair to all users. Blink at its sole discretion, may disqualify any entrant from a Contest, refuse to award benefits or prizes and require the return of any prizes, if the entrant engages in conduct the Company deems to be improper, unfair or otherwise adverse to the operation of the Contest or is in any way detrimental to other entrants. Improper conduct includes, but is not limited to:

Falsifying personal information required to enter a Contest or claim a prize;

Foul language, offensive and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated from any player;

Engaging in any type of financial fraud including unauthorized use of credit instruments to enter a Contest or claim a prize;

Any violation of Contest rules or the Terms of Use;

Using automated means (including but not limited to harvesting bots, robots, parser, spiders or screen scrapers) to obtain, collect or access any information on the Website or of any User for any purpose;

Tampering with the administration of a Contest or trying to in any way tamper with the programs or any security measure associated with a Contest;

Obtaining other entrants information and harming other entrants.


In order to sign up:

  1. Be at least 12 years old
  2. Be a citizen or resident of Kuwait
  3. Comply with these T&Cs at all times

Information Required:

  1. Birth Date
  2. Full name
  3. Phone number
  4. The age

The information provided must be true, accurate, current and complete, as requested.

Local Laws:

You are subject to all laws of the province, state, and/or country in which you reside and from which you access the services, and are solely responsible for obeying those laws. You agree Blink and its affiliates cannot be held liable if laws applicable to you restrict or prohibit your participation.

Proof of Eligibility:

Blink may at any time require any member to provide proof of eligibility to participate in order to continue to allow such member access to the event, and each member hereby acknowledges and accepts this condition of their participation as a reasonable measure to ensure the quality of terms met. In addition, each member will be required to provide proper identification and proof of eligibility prior to receiving a prize from Blink.

Health and safety precautions:

Games may contain flashing lights, realistic images and simulations.


Some people experience side effects such as motion sickness, epileptic seizures, momentary loss of consciousness dizziness, motion sickness or nausea when viewing certain types of flashing light or pattern including when playing video games. This may happen where a person has not previously suffered in this way and have no known symptoms or history of such side effects. If you or anyone considering using this Game suffers in this way, has a condition which makes this possible or has experienced similar symptoms, please consult a doctor before using any Game. If you are already using a Game please stop and consult a doctor.

If you or any part of you feels tired, fatigue or discomfort whilst playing games please stop and rest. If it continues after you stop playing please consult a doctor. If you have suffered or suffer from an injury playing games can aggravate it. In that case please consult a doctor. Failure to follow this advice may result in long term injury.


Please do not:

Sit or stand too close to the TV screen / monitor but sit or stand a safe distance away;

Use this Game or play games if you are sick, sleep, or feel tired, fatigue or discomfort;

Play for too long at any one time, please take a 10- to 15-minute break every hour.


Please observe children whilst they play games. Please ensure that you and they following the precautions described above. If you or they experience dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitching, involuntary movements, loss of awareness, disorientation, or convulsions or any other side effects PLEASE STOP ALL USE IMMEDIATELY and consult a doctor

Determination of Winners:

The results and winners of each tournament offered will be determined by Blink, and such determinations are final. By signing up, joining and/or participating in any tournament, you agree to be bound by these determinations.


The prizes offered in competitions may be provided by a sponsor (or alternative promoter) rather than Blink and in such circumstances Blink does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of any prize descriptions supplied by such third parties.

A third party providing the prize in a competition may impose terms and conditions upon the use or the acceptance of the prize. The winner shall be advised of these terms and conditions prior to their acceptance of the prize.

Unless stated otherwise in the Competition Information Blink accepts no responsibility for any costs or expenses incurred by the winner, their guests, or parents/guardians in connection with claiming any prize won in the competition (including travel to and from any event). The parents/guardians of the prize winners are responsible for paying any other on prize winnings if applicable.